Find a Reputable Contractor

Considering Home Improvements?

Hiring a contractor can seem daunting, especially if you don't know who to call! We at The Just Call Brenda Real Estate Team have worked with dozens of experienced professionals in Cary, Apex, and throughout Wake County, and we're always happy to provide recommendations.

Browse our list of trusted contractors in the Triangle, or call us at 919-434-3434 and we can point you in the right direction.

Recommended Contractors in the Triangle


A man repairing electrical wiring in an outlet.

If your home improvement project involves lighting or electrical wiring, an electrician is the best person to call. Choose a reputable electrician from our list below.


A white porcelain bathtub in a bathroom.

Leaky faucet? Clogged drain? Get in touch with one of these plumbers in the Triangle. They can help!

Carpet Cleaners

A dog lying on an oriental rug.

A fresh, clean carpet can leave your home looking and smelling like new. Find a Triangle-area carpet cleaner below to give your floors some TLC.

Crawl Space Specialists

A person holding a flashlight in a dark basement.

These professionals can help you with everything from replacing insulation to checking for mold. Choose a crawl space specialist from our list to talk about your property.

Lawn Irrigation & Irrigation Systems Companies

A sprinkler watering a grassy lawn.

Show off your immaculate lawn just in time for those warm, sunny days (or to impress potential buyers driving by your property)! Choose a lawn irrigation company from our list below.

House Cleaners

A king-sized bed in the middle of a neutrally decorated bedroom with hardwood floors.

Whether you're planning to host get-togethers in your home or you're prepping your property for showings, house cleaners can help you show off your home's best features. Find a reputable cleaning service below.

Carpenters and Handymen

A saw, chisel, and level sitting on a pile of wood.

These Triangle-area contractors can help you with those odd jobs around the house, from installing tile to repairing rotted wood.


A pail of paint opened and sitting next to various paint brushes.

A fresh coat of paint can work wonders for your home's appearance, especially if you are planning to put your property on the market.

HVAC Contractors

Temperature readings on a thermometer.

Be prepared for those cold winter nights and warm summer days! If you want someone to look at your home's heating and cooling systems, get in touch with these HVAC contractors.

Carpet and Flooring Installation Contractors

A living room with wood floors and carpet.

Thinking about switching wall-to-wall carpets for hardwood floors? Talk with one of these contractors in the Triangle — they can help!

Animal Control Contractors

A single-family home surrounded by grass and trees.

Raccoons, bats, rodents, and other critters can be major headaches for homeowners. Luckily, we can help! Here are our recommendations for trusted animal control experts in the Triangle.

Blinds Installation Contractors

Sheer curtains covering a window in a nook.

Window treatments and blinds can control how much sunlight you want to filter into your home, as well as accentuate your home's interior decor. Reach out to these blinds contractors for help with your home improvement projects.


A shingle roof with a tool belt full of roofer tools.

Whether you need to make minor shingle repairs or replace the roof entirely, these Triangle-area roofers can help you with your home improvement project.


A brick luxury home with a manicured lawn.

From handling lawn care to installing beautiful natural areas, local landscaping companies can transform your home's yard into an outdoor oasis. Find a trusted landscaping company in the Triangle below.

Granite Installation Companies

A kitchen with granite countertops, white cabinets, and stainless steel appliances.

Considering upgrading your kitchen with granite or quartz countertops? We can help you find a reputable contractor in the Triangle. Choose from our list of recommended granite installation companies below.

Reconstruction Contractors

A drawing of a floor plan focused on the kitchen.

Whether you're considering a kitchen remodeling project or considering selling your property, we can recommend local contractors to help you with your home renovation projects. 

Why Hire a Contractor?

If You're Buying a Home

Painting your house, planting a garden, and installing new blinds or flooring are just a few ways to transform a house into your home. If you want some ideas about what home improvements add the best resale value, give us a call!

If You're Selling a Home

When you're thinking about listing your property, making repairs or home improvements isn't a bad idea. Give us a call and we can discuss which home upgrades will give you the best return when you sell your property.