Pack And Move

A little planning ahead will make for a smooth transition into your new home. As you’re packing up the old house, set aside an “Open First” box for all those miscellaneous items you are bound to be searching for otherwise. If you’re able to, have this box travel with you in the car rather than the moving van so it’s always on-hand.

Hopefully you won’t need that bottle of aspirin, but at least you’ll know where to find it!



  • Toilet Paper
  • Toiletries (including towels)
  • Medicines, including aspirin
  • Simple emergency kit
  • Chargers for your personal electronics, especially laptop & cell phones
  • Alarm Clock
  • Camera to document the move
  • Children’s favorite pair of pajamas & bedtime toy or blanket
  • Pajamas for you

    • Coffee Pot & mugs
    • Plates, cups & utensils for your first meal in your new home
    • Pen & Paper for those “must buy” items
    • Basic tools: hammer, screwdriver, duct tape, nails, box cutter, cordless drill
    • Some cleaning supplies:broom & dustpan, rags, multipurpose cleaner
    • Bed sheets so you can easily fall into bed at the end of a long day of moving
    • Shower curtain
    • Trash bags
    • Pets food, favorite toy, litter box (if necessary) & bed

      • Keep your moving documents together in a file. Including important phone numbers, driver’s name, and moving van number
      • Keep your address book handy
      • Prepare for the unexpected by establishing doctors, vets & other professionals prior to moving
      • Map local grocery stores, pharmacies & restaurants so you can find them easily
      • Banking information & checkbook, paperwork on your new home
      • Most recent bills & contact number for new utility companies
      • Emergency cash for tipping the movers or paying for take-out

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