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The Just Call Brenda Real Estate Team and our clients have worked with dozens of experienced service providers in Cary, Apex, and throughout Wake County, and we're always happy to give you recommendations. Browse our list of trusted professionals in the Triangle, or call us at 919-434-3434 and we can connect you with a local service provider.

Recommended Professionals in the Triangle

Closing Attorneys

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In a real estate transaction, the closing attorney checks the property title, reviews and explains vital real estate documents, and oversees the settlement process. Below are our recommendations for closing attorneys in the Triangle.

Mortgage Lenders

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A majority of buyers need financing to purchase a home. If you're curious to see how much you can afford for a home or want to get pre-qualified for a loan, contact a mortgage lender below.

Home Equity Loan Providers

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Also known as second mortgages, home equity loans allow homeowners to borrow money at relatively lower interest rates than other types of loans. Give us a call at 919-434-3434 or contact one of these mortgage providers to learn more.

Home Inspectors

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An important step in the home selling process is to have your property inspected. Ordering your own inspection before buyers tour your home is a great way to sell quickly and for more money. Talk with one of these trusted home inspectors to learn more.

Structural and Engineering Professionals

A draft of an architect's floor plan for a house.

Whether you're considering renovating your property or selling it, you should have your home's foundation and support systems inspected. These professionals can help!

Radon Inspectors

An inspector shining a flashlight around a dark basement.

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that can seep into your home through cracks in the foundation. Before you purchase a home or put your property on the market, have one of these local inspectors test your home for radon.

Termite Inspectors

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Termites can cause major headaches for homeowners, especially during the home selling process. Call one of these local inspectors if you're concerned about termite damage in your home.

Moving Companies

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Hiring a moving company can make it easier to transition between one home and the next. If you're searching for recommended movers in the Triangle, call one of the service providers on our list below.

Insurance Companies

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Relocating to Wake County, or purchasing a home and need insurance? Here are our recommendations for insurance companies in the Triangle.

Need More Real Estate Resources?

Tips for Home Buyers

Whether you're searching for homes in Cary, Apex, Holly Springs, or another community in the Triangle, we have the home buying resources and advice you need. Check out our library of home selling tips to get started, or give us a call at 919-434-3434 to chat about your plans.

Tips for Home Sellers

The best way to prepare for a home sale is to research recent home sales, your property's value, and home staging tips, just to name a few. We're always happy to provide you with even more home selling information. Just give our team a call at 919-434-3434!